What are lessons entail

At The Rehearsal Room, we teach  guitar (acoustic + electric), drums, piano, voice lessons, and songwriting.  We also have a group of Young Artists that we mentor and teach the ropes of musical entrepreneurship, performing, writing and recording.  If you have a desire to learn music, or to create music, we want to help.

Each student meets one-on-one for 30 min each week with their instructor, and we design a curriculum based around his or her individual musical taste. Our students have ranged from 6 years old to over 80 years old - it's never too early or late to learn to play!

Tuition is $135, paid at the beginning of the month, for one 30 min lesson each week (or $40 per lesson).  This fee reserves your slot each week at the same time with your desired instructor.  This format helps fortify in each student the habits needed for he or she to learn quickly, easily and consistently.