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Aldara started playing guitar and drums at the age of seven. Has been with us here at the Rehearsal Room since January 2017. She enjoys working here due to the clean, encouraging, and inspiring environment. Some of her favorite artists are One Republic, HAIM, Patric Johnston, and The Brilliance. Aldara teaches a variety of things such as drums, guitar, and music production! She enjoys teaching because she’s able to inspire others as well as herself. Aldara is in a band called RA RA, so performing live is nothing new for her. When asked what she loved most about it? She’ll respond with this, “I love the energy I get to experience, how I get to share that energy from the music with the crowd while performing.”

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Brendan Stanford

Brendan has been playing and exposed to musical instruments since he was five years old, and has been with us here at the Rehearsal Room since June of 2017. His favorite band is Muse and enjoys teaching his students how to play eclectic and acoustic guitar, bass, and beginners piano. If you ask Brendan, why he teaches in the first place, he’ll respond with this, “I just want more people to be able to experience the joy of making their own music.” His favorite genres to personally rock out too are Alternative Rock, Stadium Rock, and Glam Rock.