Make Up Lessons

24 HOURS NOTICE: 24 hours cancellation notice must be sent (call, email or text) to the studio manager for a make-up credit to be issued. For our scheduling purposes, we are going to be quite literal about this. Lessons canceled less than 24 hours in advance or simply missed will be counted as a credited lesson due to our reserving the time slot for your student and our instructor preparing accordingly for this lesson. This policy helps us create a quality time of instruction for your student by allowing us to plan ahead. There will be no exceptions.

SCHEDULING A MAKE-UP LESSON: If you have given 24 hours prior notice for
your missed lesson, you can schedule a make up with your instructor
anytime within his/her posted teaching hours.

MISSING A MAKE-UP LESSON: There are no "make ups" for missed make up

CANCELLING MONTHLY LESSONS: If you cancel monthly lessons, you must complete your last paid contract to the end of that month. It is your choice if you would like to attend those remaining lessons.